Turn Racing R305

The open-top 305mm sim racing wheel is meant to attach to any direct drive wheel base or sim racing button box with a 70mm bolt pattern.

Turn R305 is a high-end sim racing wheel. The new textured rubber grip offers zero maintenance, and is slightly softer than previous versions. This makes it just as grippy as suede or leather but will last for many years without having to be replaced or cleaned.

Formerly the R20 Evo.

Diameter - 305mm
Grip Thickness - 37.5mm
Dish - 0mm
Weight - 542g
Spoke Plate - Black Anodized Aluminum
Grips - Shore 50A Polyurethane (Textured)

Anodized Aluminum Plate

The Black anodized 5mm aluminum plate creates a very strong wheel suitable for all wheel bases, and even the strongest of direct drives. Featuring a unique design and distinct Yellow Turn logo in the center, you can even customize the look with our stickers.

Textured Polyurethane Grips

The grips are molded with 50A shore polyurethane and are textured to provide grip with bare hands, even after a long stint. Pair them with some gloves and you’ll never struggle to hold or slip off the wheel. We used rubber to ensure longevity with zero maintenance.

305mm Diameter

The R305 is exactly that, 305mm in diameter, known as the “GT Racing” wheel of Sim Racing, you’ll never need another wheel again. It’s a very versatile size and fits many button plates, including our own BP2! Check our compatibility list below for others.

Customer Reviews

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Derek Y. (New Hampshire, United States)
The wheel rim that I didn't realize I needed

The unique "U" shape of the R305 caught my attention when I was shopping for a wheel rim I could use without gloves. The build quality is outstanding - the comfortable textured grip really sets this apart from other rims I own. Also, The two knobs on either end of the wheel have improved my technique when cornering in Gran Turismo 7. After using this rim for two weeks, it's difficult to imagine using anything else!

Hi Derek,

Thanks so much for your review and positive feedback!

We're really pleased to hear that you are loving using this as part of your setup.

Kind regards,


Alwyn S. (Minnesota, United States)
Great product

Excellent racing steering wheel. Good product ideal replacement of my MOZA CS wheel

Kevin B. (England, United Kingdom)
Excellent product

Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size so unable to use so am gonna order club sport Hub at some point so I’ll be able to use it
I will be ordering the 320