Turn R305 Sim Racing Wheel

Turn Racing


Formerly the R20 Evo, but we changed the name to the R305 for more simplified branding across all of our products.

The open top 305mm wheel is meant to attach to any direct drive wheel base or sim racing button box with a 70mm bolt pattern.

The new textured rubber grip offers zero maintenance and is slightly softer than previous versions. This makes it just as grippy as suede or leather, but will last for many years without having to be replaced or cleaned.

Compatibility list including but not limited to:

Turn Button Plate, Simracing Bay Ultra BB, Simagic GT1, Ascher C26M, Ascher C26L, Ascher B16M, Ascher B16L, Fanatec Universal Hub, SRC Pro, SRC GT-1, SRC Cup, AccuForce Button Box, Fanatec Endurance Module (Requires a 20mm spacer & M5x45mm flat head screws)


This sim wheel works with any driving simulator such as Dirt Rally 2.0, Gran Turismo, Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Forza, iRacing, Raceroom and more. The R305 has quickly gained popularity being often called the best sim racing GT steering wheel! It can also be used as a open wheel formula sim steering wheel making it very versatile.


Customer Reviews

Based on 260 reviews
Eric (California)
Wonderful Sim Rim for Fanatec Universal Hub

I purchased the 305 rim to go with my Fanatec Universal Hub. Mounts perfectly with easy access to the button modules & paddle shifters. A great alternative for the hub. Thank you Turn Racing!

Peter B. (Western Australia)
R305 Rim

Rim feel great, perfect size for me

Scott G. (Ohio)
Pleasantly Surprised

I have to say that I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the R305 however since I’ve had it I e not changed my rim once. The size is perfect (for me). I’m using with a SRB button box and have raced with many different cars without issue!

If you’re looking at this don’t hesitate. The only thing that I feel would make the rim better would be softer/more rubbery grips (all subjective).

Daniel d.H. (North Holland)
My new favorite rim

So I used to use a Famatec formula wheel on a DD1, it’s a phenomenal wheel but the small size bothered me since the day I got it. It’s fine for the racing open wheelers, but since I mainly race GT cars I wanted something bigger. I already had a Universal Hub lying around so I just needed a rim.

After a lot of research I decided to go for the R305, and oh boy I’m glad I did. In combination with the Universal hub and the advanced paddle module from Fanatec it feels very premium.

The size is absolutely perfect and feels great in the hand, this is honestly the most comfortable rim I’ve had.

At first I was a bit worried about the rubber grips feeling a bit cheap but they feel really high quality, perfect balance between softness and hardness, although I do wish there was an option to get it with alcantara, suede or leather.

Shipping went smoothly as well, it arrived here in the Netherlands in a bit more than a week.

All in all a great product, and I’m sure I’ll be buying in the future again.

Marian (Bucuresti)

Very happy with it. Size is great, material holds up very well.

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