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The Turn Button Plate (BP2) is the best direct drive button box for the price. It plugs into the PC via a coiled USB cable and can work with any sim racing wheel base with a 70mm bolt pattern.

  • 6 tactile pushbuttons
  • 2 rotary encoders with push button (Anodized Aluminum)
  • 2 of the 7-in-1 "Funky" switches (Anodized Aluminum)
  • Textured injection molded ABS enclosure
  • Internal frame makes it easily hold up to high FFB DD Base (Anodized Aluminum)
  • Turn Gen3 magnetic shifters with 17mm adjustable paddle travel (Anodized Aluminum)
  • Supplied with coiled USB cable
  • Supplied with sticker sheet
  • Supplied with flat Formula paddles and 10mm bent GT paddles which makes it easy to use a flat 300mm wheel or a dished 350mm wheel


  • Option of either a threaded or non-threaded 70mm hub bolt pattern. The thickness of the hub is 17mm.
  • Magnetic Gen3 shifter paddle assembly is optional depending on what works best for your setup
  • Recommended 15cm (6in.) of clearance between the BP2 and the wheel base for the USB cable.
  • Threaded Hub makes it easy to swap steering wheels without removing the BP2 from the base. Just remove the 6 screws from the front and swap wheels! (Best for quick releases that are non-threaded so the screws can mount to the back of the button plate)
  • Non-Threaded Hub for through hole screws (Best for Podium Hub, Simagic QR and threaded quick releases)

Wheel Base Requirements:

Fanatec Podium Hub: 10mm Spacer & M5x40mm Screws

VRS DD with VRS Hub: 20mm Spacer or ideally 50mm Spacer


Designed for PC use only



Collections: Sim Racing Steering Wheels

Type: Unknown Type

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Steven Downs
R20 Wheel Rim and BP2 Button Plate

Ordered the R20 rim and BP2 from Zach after deciding to upgrade to a direct drive wheel. I live in Australia and was worried about shipping times. But from the time I ordered, it was here in two weeks. The rim is great. It’s the perfect universal rim as I drive a mix of touring cars and open wheel cars in iracing. The button plate is next level. Having come from the thrustmaster ecosystem, the buttons feel amazing. Not to mention the two funky switches and two rotary encoders. But my favourite feature on the BP2 would have to be the magnetic shifters. Ease of shift is great. No missed shifts and great amount of adjustability, especially with my stubby fingers. Would I recommend the rim and BP2? That’s a big HELL YES from me.

Jeffrey van Santen
BP2 (Threaded) + R20

Ordered both the BP2 and R20 when on pre-order and been using them for a week now.

The products arrivered in mint condition, the packaging looks and feels premium.
When i wanted to use my Xero Play with the BP2 i need special captive screws from Ascher Racing, because they both have threads.
But i wanted the threaded version to switchs rim on the fly, which works great.
Only input i can give is maybe also sell captive screws for the people who need it.

Game changer

What an amazing product. It is one of the best quality sim racing wheels I have. It is strong, durable and extremely ergonomic. Don’t think twice, just buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

Marcus Miller
As good as my boutique wheel.

I have one of the high-priced boutique wheels (spent way too much but it IS as good a quality as you can get). Do yourself a favor and save your money. This button plate (along with a good rim, I'm using the Turn RS20) is all you would ever need for sim racing! I actually like the two funky switches better than the (only) one on my boutique wheel! Turn skips the expense of using carbon fiber (which really has no effect on the function of the device), and instead passes the savings into providing quality hardware in the unit. All of the buttons and dials are of quality construction, and the unit feels solid without any flex under the stresses of use. I am having only one problem with this button plate...how to map all those buttons and dials to the sim. Well done TURN!

Overal a great button plate

I really like the button plate, the buttons, encoders and funky switch all have very good tactile feedback, A much better place to spend money on than the enclosure. The plastic enclosure is fine, looks good and work well with the metal hub inside it. The plate fits nicely on my momo mod 78 wheel, a number of other button plates don't fit this wheel at all. The plate arrived very nicely packaged with the cut foam box insert.

That said, there's a few minor things that could be better
1. with the shifter arms at the maximum extension the pull of the magnet is fairly weak, I'll be looking to add some additional magnets for this to improve the feel.

2. The clearance between the cable entry on the back of the plate and whatever you're mounting to the hub is very tight. I could get an SC2 quick release on there fine, but the hub extension I got required the edge filling off it so that it'd fit. Moving the connector to one side or making the plate extend down a little more would help.

3. needing the extender so that the cable has space is annoying, But I don't know if the SC2 is an outlier in having not a lot of clearance from the wheel mount to the drive face. Its not clear there's a good answer here, you could make the cable strain relief shorter, but then possible have to deal with cable failures down the road, or angle the connector, but I know lots of people don't like that either.

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