Turn Button Plate (BP1)

Turn Racing

Please advise estimated lead times are about 4 weeks currently

The Turn Button Plate (BP1) is a great direct drive wheel plate for any setup. It plugs into the PC via a coiled USB cable and can work with any direct drive system with a 70mm bolt pattern.

  • 6 APEM mechanical switches
  • 2 ELMA rotary encoders
  • 2 of the 7-in-1 "Funky" switches
  • Anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Aluminum magnetic shifters with Omron switch
  • Supplied with coiled DIN to DIN cable and T-Slot to USB cable

Recommended screws: 30mm Flat Head if screwing directly into a QR or base. 40mm Flat Head if using a M5 locknut on backside with QR.

Proudly designed and built in U.S.A

Designed for PC use only


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Customer Reviews

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Compatible With Many Wheels and Two Funky Switches

I have used this on various wheels for a few weeks now before leaving a review. On the R20 Evo, the Turn Plate is perfect. On a P310, I use the 5mm spacer and it feels great. On a Momo Race (350mm), I used the 10mm spacer to clear the spokes on the wheel and the button plate. It works, but it felt small on the wheel. The reach on the paddles were a bit of a stretch, but your experience might be different if you choose the larger cf paddles.

Using the Simucube QR and my above setups, I would reccomend the following screws:
R20 Evo - M5 x 40mm
P310 w/ Turn Center Plate - M5 x 45mm

If you don't have the screws, order them at the same time to save on the shipping. Getting it elsewhere is more costly if not ordering in bulk.

The buttons have a nice click to them and love the "Turn" laser engraving on the top of the plate and on the shifters.

Two Funky switches are great. One for the Black Box controls and the other preset commands.

The one thing I would mention is the funky switch is quite low in height in comparison to the button guard. Using bare hands or thin properly fitted gloves, it isn't an issue, but if you're wearing thicker gloves, it might not be optimal.

Great Product!!!

Once again, Zach has produced a great product. The quality is unrivaled in the sim market. Even in the current situation we live in today, Zach still produces an excellent product, for being a one man operation. I commend him on his dedication, work ethic, and attention to the quality. This is my second purchase from Zach, and I love my button plate. Due to Covid, I had to wait a bit for my plate. Let me tell you, if you purchase anything from Zach, its worth the wait. If you’re thinking of purchasing anything from his site, believe me, just do it. You wont regret it.

Extraordinary and top-notch functionality

Turn racing button plate review

Turn R20 wheel and racing button plate purchase review.

The wheel and button plate are well packaged in a protective box. The wheel is solidly assembled in suede and sturdy, anodized aluminum, and designed for better handgrips. The button plate is effectively responsive to each mechanical shift, industrial-grade buttons, and comfortable paddle reach. Overall, the wheel and button plate is extraordinarily built and top-notch functionality.

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