Turn BP2 Sim Racing Button Plate

Turn Racing


Next batch expected to ship Friday August 12th

The Turn Button Plate (BP2) is the best direct drive button box for the price. It plugs into the PC via a coiled USB cable and can work with any sim racing wheel base with a 70mm bolt pattern.


  • 6 tactile pushbuttons
  • 2 rotary encoders with push button
  • 2 of the 7-in-1 "Funky" switches
  • USB cable plugs into PC
  • Flat formula shifter paddles (For flat 300mm-320mm steering wheels)
  • 10mm Offset paddles (For dished 320mm-350mm steering wheels)
  • 70mm non-threaded bolt pattern
  • Required 15cm (6in.) of clearance between the BP2 and the wheel base for the USB coiled cable.

What's in the box:

  • BP2 (With aluminum magnetic shifters)
  • Button sticker sheet
  • 6x M5 x 40mm flat head screws
  • 6x M5 nylon lock-nuts with flange
  • Custom coiled RJ45 to USB-A Male cable
  • 6 foot USB extension cable with Mounting Bracket



    Wheel Base Requirements:

    Fanatec Podium Hub: 10mm Spacer & M5x40mm screws (included)

    VRS DD with VRS Hub: 50mm Spacer or Quick Hub


    Designed for PC use only

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Andreas M. (Illinois)
    Good value, great performance

    I've really been enjoying my BP2. I am using it paired with the R305 wheel with a 10mm spacer between to give a bit of room to more easily work the buttons and ****. The shifters have a nice tactile action, all the buttons are crisp, and the funky switches feel great. There is minor flex in the housing, but nothing that affects functionality and I was happy to save money over an aluminum or carbon button plate. Besides, its the buttons and **** that I am actually interacting with.

    While I was waiting on my order, I mentioned to Zach that it would be nice to have solid colors as an option for the button stickers/labels. He had them made in time to send out with my button plate and is now including them with all future orders. It is really awesome to see such responsiveness and accommodation.

    The reasons I (reluctantly) gave 4 stars instead of five are as follows: The RJ port is oriented in a way that the release clip is sandwiched between the plug itself, and whatever QR/hub is on the back of the wheel. With my NRG quick release, it's too narrow to fit my finger in and undo the latch by hand(see picture). Zach is going to redesign the PCB going forward however, so future BP2s will have this flipped with the tab facing down. My other issue is my encoders are not greatly matched, and one has far more tactile resistance than the other. Once-again quick to resolve any issues, Zach told me he is working to switch to a manufacturer with tighter tolerances on their encoder detent-force to avoid this happening in the future.

    I also think the RJ port could be just one or two mm lower. It's quite close to the bolt pattern and as a result, I am forced to run a small spacer to fit the NRG quick release. However, this is probably not feasible and is definitely more of a nit-pick than a real issue.

    So currently 4/5 stars for the BP2 (I will gladly give 5 once the updates I mentioned are made), and 5 stars for customer support as Zach was very receptive of all feedback that I had to give and is already working to improve his products in response.

    Dennis M. (Wisconsin)
    Turn BP2 Button Plate

    I ordered this Button plate because I liked the way the looked (all black), the price seemed great, and it had all the functionality I was looking for. What I wasn't expecting was how high quality it would be and fantastic customer support! Unfortunately the usb cable broke on my first plug in but Zach hooked me up a replacement as soon as could. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend anyone getting it!

    Phil S. (British Columbia)
    Highly recommended button box

    For the price, this button box is of very high quality with plenty of functionalities and it feels very solidly built.

    Note that you would need an extension/spacer to attach it to the VRS DFP DD wheelbase.

    Daniel S. (Michigan)
    Amazing button plate!

    So I've recently gotten back into simracing and heard of Turn Racing, I decided to go with the BP2 from watching reviews from people like Boosted Media because they mentioned the buttons felt very tactile and as I play in VR, tactility is super important for me!

    I am really satisfied with this button plate, I have been using it with a Turn R320 for the past two or so weeks and it's been really nice! It is basically plug-and-play and I was able to get it working with any sim I tried such as Assetto Corsa, Automobilista 2, and rFactor 2 with minimal setup (just mapping controls and no installation of drivers required).

    The injection-molded plastic feels nice to hold and the through-holes for the bolts go slightly out on both sides so that when you attach it to your wheel of choice, you can be sure you're not tightening it against the plastic itself. My favorite feature of the plate is definitely the shifters though, they feel really nice to use and are super tactile, the 8-way funky switches and rotary encoders make this a joy to use too. I cannot recommend this enough!

    I do want to note, I highly recommend buying a spacer from Turn Racing too (or using one of your choice), because if you use an NRG-style quick-release, the wheel-side attachment can get uncomfortably close to the RJ45 connector. I myself bought a 50mm spacer and there's absolutely no flex and it feels super sturdy.

    Pictured is my Turn R320 with the button plate as well as the spacer attached. In case it helps anyone here, I paired mine with a VRS DFP wheelbase and had no problems whatsoever.

    Peter K. (Gelderland)
    Very good all-rounder

    Very good quality allround wheel for GT and formula cars. Had to cut the RJ plug a bit because it was to close to the quick release I use.

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