Turn Racing Button Plate 2

The Turn Button Plate Gen 2 (BP2) is the best affordable sim wheel button plate for DD wheel bases. It plugs into the PC via coiled USB cable and can work with any sim wheel base with a 70mm bolt pattern. Designed to be as universal as possible to fit most sim racing steering wheels on the market.

High Quality Electronics

We use high quality electronics for the best feeling and reliability, you will feel every click with C&K tactile buttons with high operating force, feel every detent with ELMA rotary encoders, and feel every shift with magnetic paddle shifters.

Injection Molded Case

The case is built from the ground up by us, using the latest technology in injection molding and is made from Nylon. This lets us keep the weight down but the strength still being as strong as aluminum.

Magnetic Shifters As Standard

Our Gen 4 Shifters are included from the get go, there’s no need to pay extra to upgrade to a magnetic shifter. Featuring adjustable position and paddle length, you’ll find the perfect feeling for any wheel.

(6) tactile pushbuttons
(2) rotary encoders with push button
(2) of the 7-in-1 "Funky" switches
Universal (70mm Bolt Pattern & USB Connectivity)
Lightweight (BP2 only weighs 393g)

Please note: Ample room is needed between your wheelbase and the BP2's cable connection to ensure that the BP2 can function correctly. This is specifically true for customers that are running a VRS DD wheelbase, as wheels tend to run quite close to the wheelbase. Turn recommends to run a 50mm spacer unless you have a larger QR to give space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Diego M. (New York, United States)
Really, really great product! (And customer service)

First I would like to thanks Zach for the amazing product he built. You really can't beat this for the price. Solid built, no flex, buttons and rotaries with a great clicks amazing sticker sheet. My main wheel is a Gomez wheel, and this to be honest, for the price, is definitely up there.
Another thing I want to mention is costumer service. UPS lost my original package and after just a simple email, Zach promptly sent me a new shipment. Super fast.

Price, attention to details and easy to deal with. You can not ask more. If you are in doubt about getting theirs products, just do it.

Bruce J. (Minnesota, United States)
Terrific Button Plate

I finally had some time to use my new Turn Racing Button Plate and couldn't be happier. Installation was simple. Everything was supplied to attach to my new wheel and hub. Plugged it in and it worked! I also like the large variety of supplied stickers. My only small concern was I couldn't get the small thumb screws tight enough by hand so I used a pair of pliers to gently tighten them. No issues since. Highly recommended, especially for the money.

Jordan (Montana, United States)
Insane Value for the Price

Outstanding build quality and feel in the hands. Attached to the R305 and they pair very nicely. No flex when pushing the very tactile buttons. The rotaries are crisp, but the funky switches have a little play, yet have no unintended inputs.