Turn R8 LMS Sim Steering Wheel

  • $1,500.00


    • 295mm polyurethane shore 90A rim
    • Genuine suede 100% hand wrapped grips
    • Aluminum front plate with CNC machined garolite rear enclosure
    • Carbon fiber shifter paddles
    • Turn Racing carbon fiber magnetic shifters
    • Leo Bodnar controller board
    • 10 High quality momentary pushbuttons
    • 3 Rotary encoders
    • Coiled USB cable
    • For simulator use on PC
    • Connects directly to USB port - Not through steering wheel base


  • Optional Dual Clutch System From Ascher Racing

    • full carbon fiber paddle as analog axis
    • lightweight design (ideal for low inertia wheels): single clutch  = 31 g (1.09 oz)
    • precise and contactless hall sensor
    • torsional spring loaded for smooth input variation
    • adjustable mechanical throw & paddle position
    • connects easily to various 5V controllers (Bodnar, DSD, etc.)
    • high quality TT Electronics/BI potentiometer (295° rotation, 1 Mio lifecylces)


    How to use

    1. as single clutch paddle
    2. as two separate analog inputs (gas & brake for handicapped driving)
    3. as two combined clutch paddles (pull either of them to generate an analog input)
    4. as two clutch paddles in master & slave configuration; adjustable bite point via potentiometer


    Benefits of Advanced Clutch Circuit for standing starts

    • quickly reach desired bite point
    • precisely
    • and repeatably; each single start…
    • increased sensitivity of the slave clutch – full mechanical throw for the remaining clutch input



FREE fully customizable front sticker to meet your specifications

All wheels are custom build to order: Please expect a 4-5 week lead time after purchase.


Designed for use on PC only

Proudly designed and built in U.S.A

Total Weight Including Box: 2.5kg