Turn R8 Barebones

Turn Racing


300mm polyurethane motorsport rubber



Spoke Color/ Cover Plate Color


Grip Section

38mm Thick

Leather Color

Suede - Black


Meant for the DIY sim racing steering wheel enthusiast.

  • 100% genuine suede hand wrapped (optional)
  • Aluminum front plate with matte black powder coat finish
  • 70mm bolt pattern
  • 10 x 12.116mm momentary push button holes
  • 3 x holes for CTS288 Encoder available via Leo Bodnar
  • 4 x 2.5 mm holes for Leo Bodnar BU0836A-NC controller
  • Rear enclosure now available as an add-on to be purchased directly through the website
  • Turn R8 Sticker as an add-on option

Compatible on:

  • Fanatec Universal Adapter
  • Any Direct Drive system with 70mm bolt pattern

All wheels are made to order: Please expect a 3-4 week lead time after purchase


For PC or Console use only.

Collections: Stand Alone Steering Wheels

Category: Barebones, DIY, R8

Type: Sim Steering Wheel

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome product and even better customer service!

I highly recommend the Turn R8 barebones as a DIY project. Zach was very helpful throughout the entire process and even helped me out with sourcing some of the components. He even went out of his way to make me a custom Ford Performance decal exactly to my specifications! The end product is extremely high quality and definitely worth the lead time. You won't be disappointed! Reach out to Zach and I'm sure he will be able to accommodate you as best as he can!


Awesome work! Craftsmanship and work quality rival big name companies! Can’t wait to finish building out my barebones kit.

Un pack genial

Ademas de ser un producto de 10 el soporte por parte de Zach también es de 10.
Con un poco de maña añadiendo los botones, rotarys y controladora puedes montarte un volante valorado en 1000€ por mucho menos.
Ademas de tener un gran volante será un volante que gran parte has montado tu.

Amazing product and awesome support

The design and build quality of this wheel is well regarded in Sim Racing and for good reason - it's an amazingly built and rock solid wheel. What's probably less well-known is what an absolute pleasure Zach is to deal with. Super responsive he was on hand every step of the way for the questions I had, small or large. His product and service are amazing and I can't wait to build my next Turn designed wheel.

The small details like button and controller placement are really well thought out, and the optional stickers (which I was able to get Zach to print to my spec) are excellent quality, perfectly matched to this premium wheel.


Zach has produced a quality replica of this wheel, and done it with very unique and clever processes. As an amateur wheel builder myself, Zach (clearly not an amateur!) is setting a great standard in how to get things done. This bare-bones wheel is strong. The suede feels like great quality and is well adhered. The shape of the grip is clearly showing a lot of time and effort has been put into getting it to feel right. It did take a while to receive this wheel, but he answered my email when I asked about it. If you don't understand why it might take this long to build a wheel, I would suggest looking on Youtube for the Turn Racing videos.
I would suggest ordering this wheel with the options for the button box and stickers. Trying to replicate your own is quite difficult.

Pictures are a work in progress....

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