Turn R20 Sim & Track Steering Wheel

Turn Racing

The first open top 305mm motorsport quality steering wheel on the market!
Meant to attach to any wheel base with a 70 mm bolt pattern.
  • 100% genuine suede hand wrapped
  • Aluminum front plate with matte black powder coat finish
  • 70mm bolt pattern






305mm polyurethane motorsport rubber



Spoke Color/ Cover Plate Color


Grip Section

38mm Thick

Leather Color

Suede - Black


All steering wheels are made to order: Please expect a 3-4 week lead time after purchase.

Compatibility list:

Ascher C26M, Ascher C26L, Ascher B16M, Ascher B16L, Fanatec Universal Hub, SRC Pro, SRC GT-1, SRC Cup, AccuForce Button Box (with 5mm spacer contact for details)

For PC or Console use.


Besides our standard warranty there are certain disclaimers you need to know with track and street cars. Please read before purchase.

Installation of this product is not necessarily covered under your cars Warranty. You break it - you bought it. This goes for anyone, whether you install it yourself or use a third party installer (i.e. body/restoration shop). You install at your own risk.

Once installed, if you are concerned that your product interferes with your driving abilities and may impede your cars' performance to the point that it may cause an accident/collision, remove your product immediately. Turn Racing, LLC does not assume any liability for it's products. Drive at your own risk with our products. Turn Racing, LLC solely manufactures and sells it's products as a decorative item. None of Turn Racing, LLC's products modify the original automobile specifications in any way.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
The Lord of the wheels

I waited two months to make my review in order to have a full experience and all I can say is that this wheel is perfect.
It fits great both a GT and a formula car, it feels natural and very comfortable and the quality of materials and construction is excellent. There's no need to waste lots of money in different rims.
One Wheel to rule them all!!!

Turn R20

Awesome wheel. Keep up your great work! Fits really well to SimRacingCoach button panel

Fantastic wheel.

Fantastic wheel, shipped quickly. Perfect.

Turn R20

Couldn't be happier with this wheel rim I decided to purchase. I matched this with my SRC button box and the only thing I had to adjust was the paddles(moved it back a bit which turned out perfect). Perfect grips for my small hands, too. Very nicely done.


Positives: good looking, sturdy, good packaging, product exactly as described in the store.

Negatives: The suede isn't glued perfectly evenly and some small ridges can be found. Some small asymmetry between left and right side around where the thumbs lie, not something that is visually obvious but can be felt.

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