Turn Racing Quick Hub

The Turn Quick Hub is a quick detachable hub that is secured by a single M8 screw. The entire assembly consists of three parts which is the base side, wheel side and screw.

We will include a FREE 6mm Bondhus T-Handle Wrench when you purchase the Base Side and Wheel Side together!

Designed to easily handle the highest sim racing direct drive force feedback.

For sim racing use only

Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Utilizing 7075 aircraft grade aluminum to give a superior strength-to-weight ratio to steel, with the base side weighing 120g and the wheel side only weighing 100g. Helping to keep the rotational mass low to keep your force feedback feeling precise and strong.

Efficient In Its Design

The overall combined length equals 36mm, or 1.41”, which allows you to customize your sim racing wheels with various-sized spacers for whatever type of wheel or position suits you. Using the standard 6x 70mm PCD bolt pattern, all holes are non-threaded.

“Zero Play” Quick Connection

By using a tapered design and a single M8 screw, the Quick Hub has “Zero Play” and provides a solid connection between your wheel and wheelbase. Unlike other quick-release designs which have perceivable play in them. Quick release with a 6mm Allen wrench and change wheels in seconds!

Black anodized 7075 aluminum
6x 70mm bolt pattern
Both parts assembled are only 36mm from front to back
M8 Screw is included with all Base Side Quick Hubs
Base Side Weight 120g
Wheel Side Weight 100g

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jordan (Montana, United States)
Perfect Craftsmanship

Exceptional fit and finish. Unable to find a single blemish or imperfection in the build quality. Wheel-side fits snug as a bug in a rug to the base-side with zero play.

Matt B. (New York, United States)
Just works

It’s simple. Really doesn’t take time to swap.

Thomas (Nevada, United States)
Great QR for a great price

Really enjoy this QR. Great quality, no play. Must have for anyone using multiple wheels.