Turn GTE DIY Sim Racing Wheel

Turn Racing

This digital download is built as a sim racing design. After purchase you will be able to download the 3d Printable Files, Bill of Materials, CAD Files, DXF Files, Renderings, Suede Templates and Sticker Sheet. The STEP files will allow the model to be edited in any CAD software. 
    • Designed for 3d printing and machining
    • Includes Turn 3d Shifters
    • 315mm Diameter
    • 70mm Bolt Pattern
    • Complete Bill of Materials with links to suppliers
    • Illustrator and 1 to 1 scale A4 sized sticker sheet
    • Can be built with off the shelf parts and a 3d printer
    • Largest part is 304mm x 154mm
  • Don't have a 3d printer? Use a 3d printing service like 3dhubs.com, protolabs.com or xometry.com

Visit our Community DIY Discord if you have any questions! We have Community Experts that can help as well as a lot of DIY resources for electronics, 3d printing and more!

Due to time constraints I can't build or do any custom work to DIY projects.

Find something in the design that can be improved? Send me an email and I can create an updated design and send a notification to all other customers that purchased this as well!

These CAD files are for personal use only. I spent a lot of time to give back to the DIY community in this way so please do not share this design or resell the completed unit.

Copyright © 2020 Turn Racing LLC. All rights reserved

Personal Use License ONLY


Collections: DIY Projects

Type: Sim Steering Wheel

Customer Reviews

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DIY GTE wheel

I can recommend this product. All info and files that you need are included in the package.


Turn GTE DIY Sim Racing Wheel

Great design as usual!!!

Another great product from Zach. I order this with the intent of 3D printing this wheel. Once I started going through the material I realized that my printer wasn’t large enough. Oh well, I’ll use the template and make it out of aluminum. If you’re not sure if it’s worth paying the money for these files, believe me they are worth it. Go for it and enjoy. Thanks Zach for all you do.

Steve L.


Hilarious that he sells a design and asks people to no lt copy or sell it - when it itself is a copy that he is selling. I guess it’s okay when u do it. Sure he’s not paying Audi or Ferrari or those designers any commission


Turn GTE DIY Sim Racing Wheel

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