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S.K. (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Good Quality

Tyler R. (California, United States)
Fun customization!

The stickers work great. They are very good material, and form to the surface you stick them to well. You are able to pull them off slightly and re-align if you need to the first time (but I wouldn't recommend doing it more than once).

m (California, United States)
high quality sticker

This is a great add-on to make the wheel fit the color scheme of your rig. The material used for this sticker is of high quality. The one thing I am not 100% satisfied with are the screw mounting hole alignment. This does not affect the functionality of the wheel, you can still remove/install the screws without removing the sticker, the holes are just a bit off center. This is more of aesthetic opinion. But even with that, I would still recommend this as an add-on.

Thanks for the honest feedback!
Yeah this is something that I have been aware of and trying to fine tune. Because all stickers shrink some amount when printing on them, especially when there is a lot of black. And so when printing I will scale it up to 101% so that it shrinks down to the ideal size. But since some stickers shrink more than others depending on ink saturation & humidity it's hard to get them all just right. I appreciate the feedback though it's helpful to know so going forward we can try to fine tune it better per sticker set vs. just having a generic 101% upscale for all of them.

One thing to try out too that I like to do is take the (6) circle cutouts that remain with the sticker sheet and place those over the screws on the wheel. Obviously if you're removing the wheel or using a mag plate this doesn't work as well, but it is a really nice aesthetic quick fix and makes the wheel look better since it hides the screws underneath so that the sticker is uniform.