Turn Sim Center Services

More and more drivers are taking to the sim to get seat time. For the cost of one testing day on the track you can have a professional grade racing simulator and get hundreds of hours of testing in prior to race day. 

We at Turn Racing offer consulting services for racing teams and sim racing professionals. Options are completely customizable pertaining to each clients needs and budget. Don't get ripped off by upsold simulator rigs and over hyped marketing. No professional sim rig should ever cost $50,000. Our services guarantee the most reliable and immersive experience to fit your budget.

Full Service Agency

Interested in using a racing simulator for training purposes, but don't know where to start? Turn Racing offers a completely integrated sim training solution. We can design a complete custom solution based on your needs from the ground up based on your specific sim training strategy and budget.

  • Driver data and telemetry Analysis
  • Best in class simulation software
  • Virtual reality or triple screen monitors
  • Motion Simulator
  • Audi R8 GT3 and Ferrari 488 GT3 cockpit replicas
  • Complete installation and tech support in the continental United States

Turnkey Professional Simulator

We can guarantee a complete turnkey solution including installation of a professional simulator anywhere in the continental United States. No need to worry about technical specs or optimizing your budget.


Send us a message on our contact page with your needs and we will be more than happy to share our industry knowledge to offer the best possible solution.