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Formerly the R20 Evo, but we changed the name to the R305 for more simplified branding across all of our products.

The open-top 305mm sim racing wheel is meant to attach to any direct drive wheel base or sim racing button box with a 70mm bolt pattern.

Turn R305 is a high-end sim racing wheel. the new textured rubber grip offers zero maintenance, and is slightly softer than previous versions. This makes it just as grippy as suede or leather but will last for many years without having to be replaced or cleaned.

R305 Sim Racing Wheel Specs

Compatibility list including but not limited to:

Turn Button Plate, Simracing Bay Ultra BB, Simagic GT1, Ascher C26M, Ascher C26L, Ascher B16M, Ascher B16L, Fanatec Universal Hub, SRC Pro, SRC GT-1, SRC Cup, AccuForce Button Box, Fanatec Endurance Module (Requires a 20mm spacer & M5x45mm flat head screws)


This sim wheel works with any driving simulator such as Dirt Rally 2.0, Gran Turismo, Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Forza, iRacing, Raceroom and more. The R305 has quickly gained popularity being often called the best sim racing GT steering wheel! It can also be used as a open wheel formula sim steering wheel making it very versatile.


Customer Reviews

Based on 273 reviews
jackstawow (New Jersey)
Great for Moza CS

Bought this to replace the round wheel on my Moza CS! Rim feels great and sturdy! Materials are nice to use for extended periods of time, much better than Alcantara or Suede. Makes my wheel a conversation piece too when displayed on my wall.

Joe K. (Connecticut)
Perfect GT rim

The combination of the size, weight, and shape of this wheel has made my (mostly) GT3 racing so much more enjoyable compared to the standard simagic GT-1 round wheel.

I can see my gauges now, andy alpha mini now feels overpowered with the smaller diameter wheel, in a good way. I feel I have plenty of headroom even at 65% in-game ffb.

For other folks with this simagic wheel button box, you will likely have to move the paddle shifters to the rear of the lever, but it takes 5 minutes to do that. Otherwise there's plenty of room even with gloves on.

Should have done this so, so much sooner. Got my wheel only a few days after ordering it and with a sale it feels like a steal for the quality. Highly recommend.

J. (California)
Super rad GT Wheel

Perfect upgrade for my DD wheel. I love being able to see all of my screen, and not have my full wheel covering information on the screen.

Jason M. (Florida)
Great upgrade to the cheap Moza CS wheel

I saw a few reviewers of the Moza CS wheel mention that the stock rim was heavy and flexed too much. I can confirm after pulling the CS wheel off the button box base, that it is very heavy, and flexes way too much for my liking. The TURN R305 is very light, rigid, quality built, and comfortable with or without gloves. It easily mounted up to the CS base without an issue.

The CS rim ALONE weighs the same as the TURN wheel and Moza button box/quick release put together - That is crazy! Upgrading to this wheel over the stock CS rim will allow for your force feedback to be more responsive, and the DD motor will heat up less simply because there is less rotational mass in the wheel.

One thing I will say is that the wheel has much less room between your thumbs and the button box on the CS base, so if you have sausage fingers, you may need to go up to the larger sized TURN wheel. I have large hands, but not meaty paws, so I have enough space. Plus my thumbs are closer to the buttons if I want to press anything. I can also operate the paddle shifters without any issues.

Beyond all of that, the ergonomics and material that you hold seems very solid, durable, and grips well enough even with sweaty hands. I use gloves for long races over 15 minutes, but I have naturally sweaty palms. If you are buying the Moza CS wheel, and don't plan on drifting (this is not a round wheel, so it's meant more for GT or formula racing) I highly recommend this as a replacement over stock.

Christopher S. (Washington)
Perfect rim, great personalized service from Turn

R305 hits the sweet spot for my GT3 application. Zach & crew at Turn provided exemplary personalized service of the kind so sadly missing in our Amazon age.
Thanks guys! Wishing you peace, health and much success.

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