Turn R305 Sim Racing Wheel

Turn Racing


Formerly the R20 Evo, but we changed the name to the R305 for more simplified branding across all of our products.

The open top 305mm wheel is meant to attach to any direct drive wheel base or sim racing button box with a 70mm bolt pattern.

The new textured rubber grip offers zero maintenance and is slightly softer than previous versions. This makes it just as grippy as suede or leather, but will last for many years without having to be replaced or cleaned.



305mm polyurethane motorsport rubber



Spoke Color/ Cover Plate Color

Black Anodized Aluminum

Grip Section

37.5mm Thick

Rubber Color

Textured Polyurethane Black - Shore 50A

Weight 542g


Compatibility list including but not limited to:

Turn Button Plate, Simracing Bay Ultra BB, Simagic GT1, Ascher C26M, Ascher C26L, Ascher B16M, Ascher B16L, Fanatec Universal Hub, SRC Pro, SRC GT-1, SRC Cup, AccuForce Button Box, Fanatec Endurance Module (Requires a 20mm spacer & M5x45mm flat head screws)


This sim wheel works with any driving simulator such as Dirt Rally 2.0, Gran Turismo, Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Forza, iRacing, Raceroom and more.


Customer Reviews

Based on 193 reviews
Viktor Janeba
Great product, great service

The rim itself is awesome, and service was exceptional too.

Curtis Velichka
Great Product

Top notch quality at a fair price. Would buy again.

Wow. Just that. Wow.

I went for this rim because I wanted smaller diameter than stock Fanatec 32cm on Porsche 911 GT3 R.
After first sessions I am impressed. No, that is not proper. I am in love. The rim has incredibly great ergonomics: recesses and bumps exactly where they have meaning. You just put your hands on it and it becomes the part of your body: not fighting with deathgrip, not trying to find position for your thumbs. Absolutely great stuff, worth every single penny.

I was afraid of the plastic grip because I have always been a gloves dude, but worries are gone. It feels great, the plastic is exactly right mixture of softness, grip and firmness.

I have bigger hands, went for 2cm spacer for Fanatec BME. At first sight it looked too tight, but it does feel pretty OK when riding. I sometimes touch these corners next to 2nd row of buttons, but no big disaster, it is just there.

Also massive kudos to Zach who predicted I wanted 45mm bolts, not 40mm I ordered because of miscalculation so he sent me an extrapack of these longer (I needed them, oh yes I did).

Love this wheel. I really do.

Fabian Winkler
Not really comfortable

I bought the R305 in order to use the Fanatec Podium hub and the Endurance Button box to replace my McLaren GT3 wheel I am using now. But I don't feel the angle to hold the R305 comfortable. And even worse in some corners I hurt my thumb on the metal plate while turning. I also like the rubbery grips of the McLaren wheel a lot more than the more plastic feel of the R305. I use gloves but the grip is better on the McLaren.
So, I went back to the McLaren wheel and continue to use that.

I think a wheel with the grips from the McLaren wheel or even better something similar to the upcoming BMW M4 GT3 wheel would be more comfortable.

Perfect Wheel

I love the new Wheel! The combination with the 20mm spacer and the Fanatec podium endurance module is fantastic for GT driving!

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