Turn R20 Sim & Track Steering Wheel

Turn Racing

The first open top 305mm motorsport quality steering wheel on the market!
Meant to attach to any wheel base with a 70mm bolt pattern.
  • 100% genuine suede hand wrapped
  • Aluminum front plate with matte black powder coat finish
  • 70mm bolt pattern






305mm polyurethane motorsport rubber



Spoke Color/ Cover Plate Color


Grip Section

38mm Thick

Leather Color

Suede - Black


All steering wheels are made to order: Please expect a 6 week lead time after purchase.

Compatibility list:

Ascher C26M, Ascher C26L, Ascher B16M, Ascher B16L, Fanatec Universal Hub, SRC Pro, SRC GT-1, SRC Cup, AccuForce Button Box (with 15mm spacer & M5x60mm screws)

*Not compatible with the Fanatec Endurance Module*

For PC or Console use.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Perfect Wheel

Couldn't be happier with the Turn R20 wheel, perfect size, weight, grip and amazing craftsmanship. The wheel mounted perfectly to my Simagic button box and the end result looks amazing!

Magnificent steering wheel!

The product was well packed but the original yellow/black box and the metal brush was missing which was disappointing for such an outstanding product.
Edward Sluijter, The Netherlands (order #1590)

J 01/26/2020

The best for me - great steering wheel great service

I am thrilled with this steering wheel. It feels great and I feel like I have more control. I'm very satisfied. Exactly four weeks passed from ordering to delivery (to Germany). In terms of price, it is still cheap despite the fees and taxes. The TURN R20 has now cost me a total of 253.81 euros. If you want and are looking for such a steering wheel, here it is - order! Kind regards, Sven

Turn R20 Sim & Track Steering Wheel

I have just used it for a few laps and I am very happy with it: the grip is perfect and it looks great.
I have a couple of minor critics to make: the presentation is not fantastic: anonymous box (no logo), no foam for protection and no brush for suede ;) Also you may be more clear about import duty.

Very very good

this is awesome, I am very satisfied with your product. I feel very good when I hold the steering wheel. It feels very stable and just right for the hand. My friends who enjoyed simracing around me were very happy to see the steering wheel. They will probably order and I will order one more, including the plate. I didn't order the plate at first, but I think it's a necessity. I've been waiting for that product for a while, but I think the wait was not in vain.

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