Turn Racing

The 5mm, 10mm and 20mm spacers are Nylon/Carbon Fiber 3d printed. This will be a permanent change. Once we're out of the 15mm that will be 3d printed as well. 

The 50mm spacer will always be CNC machined aluminum


  • 70mm PCD bolt pattern
  • Anodized aluminum or Nylon/CF 3d Printed

The 15mm spacer fits best with the R305 and AccuForce button box

Fanatec Endurance module with R305 requries 20mm spacer

Collections: Steering Wheel Accessories

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Customer Reviews

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NZ (Ontario)
Spacer 50mm aluminum

This is really a great product, a solid aluminum machined piece. Also the internal lip where the nuts goes is spaced enough you can use the wrench and tight the screw from the other side. I am very happy with this high quality products.

Ebenezer V. (Minnesota)
50mm spacer....just awesome

Can't say much more than it's just awesome. Super nice quality and pricing is great too. Came quickly installed easy and has zero flex, looks anodized but can't say for sure. Will have no problem using this long-term and doesn't really feel like a "spacer" it just fits in with the rest of my driveshaft and feels purposeful!

Michael G.N.J. (Florida)
10mm Spacer and Turn 305 wheel.

Originally running a Fanatec R300 rim. Saw a youtube video of a guy using a Turn 320 rim. I prefer a smaller rim so I gave the 305mm rim a try. Also got a 10mm spacer to help with fitment. Night and day difference in quality and feel over the R300. Rim fits exceptionally well on the Fanatec button module with the 10mm spacer. Not sure how, but I am posting faster lap times with this rim. Maybe it's just a confidence thing and not sure if it will make you faster but hey, maybe a bonus. Now that I've said "rim" too many times, I'm ending this review.

Corey D. (North Carolina)
Awesome product and service!

Top notch product that fit perfect.....machining was fantastic!
Loved the Airhead candy 🤟
Will definitely buy from you again

Marcus M. (Indiana)
Fine Tolerances

This product seems to be machined to very fine tolerances. I would highly recommend it where spacers are needed for custom sim wheel assemblies.

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